April 30, 2014

Czech Republic

Went to the Czech Republic last weekend. Had been invited by a Tire-manufacturer to visit their new factory in Otrokovice and after that we'd travel to Prague to spend a day or 2.

Only in Germany

Stopped at the former East-German border. A place that is kept as it was before the wall came down, to not let us forget how different the world was only 25 years back

List of casualties on the Eastern/western border. 99% regular people that were looking for freedom and a better life.

Long trip later we ended up in our hotel, to visit the factory the next day.

First hotel

Traveling to Prague

2nd hotel. WAY out of my comfortzone, far too fancy.

The place is stunningly beautifull and the 2 days we had proved far too short to let it really sink in. Made the most of it and went on a small sightseeing tour and after that I visited "Stalin" An old square atop a hill where once the biggest Stalin-statue of the world stood. The place is now home to the skateboarders of the city; a makeshift skatepark, run and looked after by the community themselves.


Steve W said...

Alte Europa - sehr schoen!

Noot said...

Mitas factory in my town in Iowa too.