August 21, 2014

Weekend Trip Part 1

1000 miles round trip from home up to Sheridan Wyoming for the Absaroka State Takeover. 
Its always fun to work on your bike in parking lots especially when just a jet change. "That's a pretty sweet Knuckle, I had one back in the day"
No doubt dude, no doubt

The morning's song and dance must be adhered to

King's Saddlery

307 Headquarters
My fat-ass broke the seat hinge, kinda sensitive about it


Micro said...

nice ride! - unique knuckle!

warren said...

yeah, my knuckle was an uuuber-rare 4-cam they ran for 2 weeks at the end of 1946

MP said...

Reminds me of the time I stopped in a bar and the local barfly informed me that the new Indians (Made by California Customs in Gilroy at the time) were based on the blueprints from when they were last manufactured in Springfield.
Didn't bother to correct him.