September 15, 2014

8 Hours in Iowa

Now that the 3 Jr's are getting older, and there is less need for 12 airbags in a over priced half-ton, I have decided on the Impala for the everyday drive. Living in the Mid-West though, I will need something for the extreme weather days. So I found this old farm truck in Southern Iowa on Craigslist.

Made arrangements to pick it up last Saturday. The plan called for me to ride the 650 on level-B, gravel, and dirt roads the whole 150 miles there. Everything went great, a little cold, but the ride was killer!

So after I got there, nothing could have went smoother. Dude was straight up, truck was what it was, and rust was minimal. Loaded the bike, shook hands, and off I was going……but all I got was click click click…..starter went out.

After getting my bike back out, my gear back on, and my money returned, I decided to do the dirt road thing back home but a different route.

326 miles of hauling ass, with only about 12 close calls. Great day for a ride, shitty day to get a truck.

Anybody out there have a 70's F250 Highboy or 70/80 c/k Chevy they want to unload to a good home? Trades? Cash?


OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

Nice one Jeff!

Unknown said...

84 gmc 2500.
Hugger orange
350/ 3 speed with granny low

GoneWithTheSunset said...

I'd have just gone and bought a $50 starter.

CHVRCH said...

Nearest auto parts was 35 miles away. Time is money.