December 29, 2014


 I've sent you stuff in the past from Pete's shop and thought 
you'd enjoy this one. I was at his shop yesterday and he informed 
me that he's currently building a bike to run at Bonneville. 
Of course it's a Knuckle and at 83 years young Pete is 
stoked on his build. He's still riding his bike to work 
everyday and across the country from 
South Carolina to the salt every August. 
 Anyway, hope you enjoy the shots. 
Nothing fancy just snaps from my cel phone. 

1 comment:

Noot said...

Still runnin' that iron pump body(I always thought they worked fine), dual plugged, Dyna stuffed in a timer body? I see it had the peanut plugs in the one side - kinda a sleeper. Scare the kids Pete !