June 19, 2015

Saint at Born Free 7

So we are gonna be at Born Free next weekend. Can't wait to catch up with some core buddies and to show off what we have been working on for the past 12 months.

What's Saint Denim all about? SAINT Denim is made with a blend of Cotton and Dyneema® (UHMWPE)

So, OK, straight up, the Saint Denim Jackets, Vests and Jeans work with a different ballistic fibre - what we’re talking about is Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (most of us haven’t heard of this material - or don’t fully understand it) - So what is UHMWPE? It’s a space age material from the space age (you know, the 70s, when they had space travel and Concordes and all the fancy stuff).
UHMWPE more typically moonlights under names like Dyneema® (what Saint uses) and all sorts of other proprietary names. It gets woven, laminated, diluted, extruded and messed with for a range of products; from clothing, armour and ballistic protection, sails and bags, to snowboard bases, surgical implants and chemical-resistant containers.

It’s super strong - (5 times stronger than kevlar), super light, puncture and tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant (15 times more than carbon steel), chemical-resistant and slippery like Teflon. So why isn’t it everywhere? Those long molecular chains are pretty expensive to manufacture, so the stuff ain’t cheap. But when it comes to motorcycle apparel and denim, it works a treat for high-end ultralight, ultra strong all day wearable gear, which is what Saint is all about.

The Jackets and Vests are available right now at SAINT

And.. make sure u check it if your at Born Free...

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