May 19, 2021

fresh out of storage...

I'd changed the oil and taken it around the block once before pointing it towards Moab. So I'm not surprised that things went sideways. But on the upside, its nice to be reminded that I've got some real friends; the kind that you can call 90 times in a day or show up unannounced because you can't get your life together. 
South out of Breckenridge on 9 to Southpark, 285 to Buena Vista to the 50 into Gunnison then a tow to Fruita 
first the lifter block came loose and as I'm farting around with it in a parking space a guy starts chatting me up and offering help. Ten minutes later he wanders off only to return with a rear lifter block gasket for an '84 cone-side. Having sorted that out, I made it almost fifty feet before it shut off completely. Within an hour no less then five people offered up some help, one guy offered to buy me a sandwich.
the tow truck guy had an impound lot with a mobile meth-den full of broken pipes, fish hooks, two stuffed pheasants and a Daisey pellet gun. 
i landed at Newbold's the next morning...
broken ignition pins

"can I borrow your Goldwing to get some parts"?
"fuck no you can't"
23:45 i rolled into Moab
thanks to Dylan and Travis


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