July 5, 2023


 This isn’t Insta and it’s supposed to be bike stuff. But sometimes I feel a need to project. 

I was out with my better half last night. I’m headed out with Uncle Sam today so it was our last hangout for awhile. I was wearing a Blood For Blood patch and a Camp Dalke hoodie and a tatted up dude walks up to me. He starts asking about the hoodie and patch and it turns out we had a lot of common friends and experiences within both contexts. I could have talked to him for hours. I’m so glad he approached me out of the blue. 

Who cares? 

Shits is bonkers wherever we look these days. And while I was in a huge mind fuck some rando guy made things cool in my head by remembering good times. 

Without mentioning the awesome collection of old friends, I think back about showing up in peoples lives randomly; Jeff, Travis, Hobbs to name a few. And how it was so nice to just be cool with someone I barely know and feel normal. 

That’s all I got, rock on. 

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Boot said...

Good story and nice photos!