June 29, 2008

This just in... 1st place winners of the S&S 50th Anniversary Build Off Competition!

P-Series (Panhead) winner: Krugger Motorcycles, Belgium.

SH-Series (Shovelhead) winner: Cook Customs, USA.

SB-Series (Sportster) Winner: Odyssey Cycles, France.

V-Series (Evo) Winner: Nicholas Chauvain, France.

T-Series (Twin Cam) winner: Bennett's Performance! Long Beach, CA! Congrats to Bob and Eric Bennett!

X-Series (X-Wedge) winner: Fred Kodlin Murdercycles, Germany.

And the overall winner of the S&S Cycles 50th Anniversary Build Off Competition, Hot Dock Custom Cycles, Japan.

Here's Hot Dock's bike STG-Nautirus. Click to see more here.
You can see more of some of the builder's bikes here at the S&S Cycle's 50th Anniversary site.

Congratulations to all the winners and contestants who had worked hard and finished their works of art for the event! Thanks goes out to S&S Cycles for their hospitality and for having this event! We hope they have another great 50 years.


Anonymous said...

Thanks I had to leave early for family Business.

Anonymous said...

i protest this shit how could the coc shovel of daves wedge not win
motion to recount

mike said...

I looked at this bike for hours.This bike is so fucking killer!
Cant believe all the details.He showed me how the gas cap worked and it was nuts.Yes the gas cap was that fucking cool!
Had a blast!