August 1, 2008

HAULER by Adam Wright:

Coming soon from Adam Wright, creator of Road Course. He's only printing 500 copies of Hauler and 400 are already pre-sold!

Mooneyes should have a bunch for sale in about a month so keep your eyes peeled. Like Road Course, it will be all photos - no text. Contents will include John Edwards, Robert Williams and Max Schaaf (pictured) among many others.

Support the man's effort and buy a fucking copy!


Anonymous said...

I'll definitely an eye out. Looks cool from what little I've seen. I just got into motorcycles recently working for Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, and it’s really awesome how passionate people are about their bikes. If you’re going to be at Sturgis this year, we’re sponsoring Thunder Road! You can get a coupon for a free t-shirt custom designed by Sucker Punch Sallys by hitting - print the coupon and bring it to our booth at Sturgis for your free shirt, and from there you’ll have a chance to win a new bike also designed for Progressive by Sucker Punch Sallys.

Hope I haven’t overstepped any bounds by letting you know about this directly, but figured it’s something a lot of you might be interested in. Email me at if you want further info!

Ride safe,
Gia Anderson
Brand Ambassador

Anonymous said...

^wow...^ Have fun at sturgis, mrs. anderson.

That said...

Maxs' 4Q bike is one of my all time favorites, thats a killer pic.

Anonymous said...

Thats a really cool shot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, Haven't you the balls to sign your own name? I can tell by your statement you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. And that's from a 45 year veteran of the bike "scene". I wasn't a baby when I started either. Fuckin wantabe's! Signed Richard "Dr.Sprocket" Ostrander previously of North Long Beach, Cal.

super company customs said...

I just want to arm wrestle!!!!!!!!!!!!