May 31, 2009

Chinatown - Yokohama, Japan

It's already Sunday. Waaaah, Saturday night went by in a flash (Happy Birthday Smiley). Oh well, at least it's time for an off topic Sunday post. So I was in Japan last weekend for Cool Breaker. My better half was with me and I got to show her an area I used to frequent as a kid visiting relatives. Chukagai aka Chinatown in the city of Yokohama, Japan. Opee from S&S was with us this night which made it even more fun.

Just walking around the place is a trip. So much to look at. So much to eat!

You could get your palm read:
Or see choppers hand-shifting their way through the narrow streets:

And again, lots to eat. Shu Mai pork dumplings, very hot and very fresh. Sold streetside. Less than a buck each, so you know we had to have some:Took me a few minutes and I made Sasha and Opee follow me all over the damn place, but I found it: Daisangen. I used to eat here as a little kid with my mom, uncle, cousin whomever. It was our local dive in Chinatown. They're always open late. But now that I think about it, they close at 10pm. That's how young I was:
The same old man was working there. He remembered me from Cool Breaker 2007. "Good evening - oh! it's the motorcycling American!" he said as I walked in.
Started with a real simple beef broth soup. Very tasty.
I got my "usual" here. Paiko-Chahan. Aka Chinese style fried pork over fried rice. From that description alone you can imagine how good it was:
Sasha had the Xiaolongbao (pronouned kinda like sha-lon-po). Soup dumpings filled with pork and a little soup surrounding it. It's one of the wonders of the world how the soup is held within its bun outer. They steam these pretty fresh, because wherever you order these it takes the longest to be served.

It's the bomb. Call the Department Of Defense. Listen to me, it's the fucking KA-BOOM! Maybe you seen it on TV, it's the same thing Anthony Bourdain ate on his show when he was in China. I've also posted about it once before:
The same old lady was working too:
We went looking for a bar.
I'll see you again Chukagai.


CHVRCH said...

I ate there!
Im hungry!

Doug said...

Yeah...i just got to this post and now i'm hungry..looked fun tho
one day me and the ol lady for sure will go there