June 28, 2009

Saturday Lunch at Santa Fe Importers

So on Friday night ChopperDave and I decided it might be neat to invite everyone to lunch at Santa Fe Importers. Since there was only a 12 hour notice beforehand, I thought it was just going to be me, Dave, CantStayJose and Scout. A lot more people rode out than we had expected; it was a good time.
Of course the food was great. I had The Special (which you may have read in an earlier post) and the anti-pasto to go with it. The seats filled up quick inside so a bunch of us sat curbside to eat, which was nice in the shade.
The manager held the store front parking open for us which we all appreciated. Nothing like eating while staring at our bikes:
Lots to talk about.
Everyone sat for a spell.
Maybe we'll make it a regular thing. Last Saturday of the month? No bad vibes, no cool-guy attitudes. Just chilly-chill. Hopefully we'll see you there next month.
By the way, you can also check out the Blue Collar Moto site for additional photos from yesterday.

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