January 31, 2010

Nam Fong of Chinatown, Honolulu

So after we went to the beach and ate at Ono Hawaiian Food that day, we had another errand to run before heading home to my parents house. It was New Year's Eve and we usually have some family show up from my hometown of Wahiawa to celebrate.

Although my mom is an amazing cook (which is why everybody comes over!), we can't expect her to cook everything. So my dad had me stop by Nam Fong to pick up some roast duck, roast chicken, cha siu pork and my personal favorite - Chinese roast pork.
Nam Fong is like a Chinese BBQ butcher I guess, don't know how else to describe it. Nam Fong is take out only and is very well known in Hawaii for their roasted meats. This place is notorious for their long lines. I've heard of people waiting in line for 2-and-half-fucking-HOURS to get meat from this place. I shit you not:
There was about 10 people in line when I got there but we're way ahead of the game. Our order was called in a week prior so I walked past everybody, paid and bailed.
We didn't get far until my younger brother said there was a Chinese bakery next door. Oh oh.
I can't eat, dude, we just ate at Ono Hawaiian Food. But if you get this, maybe I'll try a bite:
What the hell is this? My wife asked. I don't know. I think it's the stinky stuff you put on rice... my mom will know.
It was tempting but I had to fight it... trying... so... hard... and this Chinese lady in the yellow shirt was trying hard to sell us on stuff.
God dammit, I'll just have a piece of Macadamia Nut Candy then:
I bet the manapua here is good. It's called manapua in Hawaii and cha siu bao in Chinese. They were piping hot.
Yeah, don't take checks from these guys. Watch out:

The line at Nam Fong was getting way longer on our way outta Chinatown. Roast duck and roast chicken on the left. Roast pork and cha siu on the right.
Tune in next time for our trip to Kam Swap Meet in Pearl City, HI.


theoldepro said...

cha siu bao is the greatest!

jmeest said...

fuck, that makes me hungry!