February 28, 2010

The Hot Dog

It was a nice day at the farmers market at Longfellow Elementary in Long Beach. About noon on a Sunday, so I wanted to eat something good.
There's always something good to eat at a farmers market. And according to the sign, this place claimed to have a good hot dog. I love hot dogs. I love them from carts, from stands, off my grill, I just really dig hot dogs.
I went in to investigate.
Bacon wrapped, regular or sausage dog.
I asked her to give me what she thought was the best one. Bacon wrapped hot dog on a tortilla was the lady's suggestion.
Of course I had it with everything on it. Onions, peppers, mayo, mustard, cheese.
It was good. Not sure if it was really the best hot dog in all of downtown L.A, but it sure was good. Maybe on a bun next time.


9half said...

Haha that's where I went to grammar school..

tiptopdadddy said...

Man, I love hotdogs too.

Pat "The Rooster" said...

I'm getting the feeling that you really like food..

Jahluv said...

Alright Nelson - I made an entry on my blog inspired by one of your food posts, hope you dig it..,