August 29, 2012

High Five

Here's a hi five of what I wish stock was. 96", six speed, stripped of silliness, Thunderheader, intake, skinny.
The bars and pegs are the same width. Tank bag and roll bag are for my guns/ammo/lunch and the 100 mile daily roundtrip. Averaging about 15,000 mi a year.
Kyle Defoor


GoneWithTheSunset said...
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GoneWithTheSunset said...

I'm there man. My 2010 has 26,000 on it. The pegs are scraped off, the bottom of the lowest pipe is scraped off, it has more than enough power to spare, it's my daily rider to work, and for fun. And I wouldn't trade my twin cam for anything. Sure I wish I had my old K model back, but I dunno if I could trade the power for that.