June 3, 2013

IOM 2013

Jeff, as you know from being at the TT that 
there are good vantage points and this one 
was the last lap of the Superbikes with 
Michael Dunlop first ahead of our mate 
Cameron Donald second by 37 seconds and McGuiness 
in third . Faster ever newcomer was Josh Brooks 
coming in at tenth place and out of Sydney in OZ. 
McGuiness was penalised 30 seconds for speeding in 
pit lane and Cameron Donald still was in second even 
after taking the penalty out. Michael Dunlop won this 
race 30 years after his uncle, the great Joey Dunlop 
had won his first race in 1983 at the TT. Great race 
and they were running around the 150 mph mark in this 
small attachment. Will send some more as the 600's 
and 650 Supertwins are running tomorrows final. 
Great weather and hopefully will be lucky to stay
dry the rest of the week.
Cheers mate. Pete.


Hobbs said...

HOLY SHIT that Sportster powered rocket looks insane!

Micro said...

nice one pete!

bobx said...

Those bikes! Nice