September 30, 2009

Pair of Proper FXRs in London

Submitted by Renshaw:

This one, 1989 FXRS-SP, was my Dads then my brother Fred's. I bought it off him in about 1999. Nothing special in the motor, a larger cam, Supertrapps and lately a Mikuni carb sent to me by your good friend Brawny which is, as recommended, just right.

Moved forward the shock mounts [Koni shocks- almost vintage now] a bit and put a 160 rear when I got it, which I regret, as I gave Fred the original cast wheels and am slowly turning it back to stock. Whenever I need to raise some money I think of selling it, then I think that I'd just have to buy another good slave bike... so whats the point.

Jimmy's is, I believe a 1989 FXRP. He bought it off someone in NY through COC... and it goes like stink. That guy can tell us whats in it in the comments box pleeeease.
Sporty rocker covers and Sundance pushrod covers give a clue that something might be going on.
We don't see many Thunderheader pipes in the UK; these make a proper nasty sound.
When I took these pics we definitely ruined West London's peaceful Sunday night after a couple of pints.


Jesse said...

unless I miss my guess, I know the guy that built that bike....I'll give him a yell tonight or tommorrow to see if we can satisfy your curiousity

Walter said...

I think that was Knucklehead Steve's bike... I'll find out.

Milo said...

rad dude