November 29, 2009

El Taco Nazo

Just off the 605 freeway in the La Puente/West Covina area sits El Taco Nazo. Another fine Saturday afternoon that quickly turned into evening, we stopped in for some fish tacos. It was my first time at this spot but I had Alonzo as a guide.
I'm always overwhelmed by new menus - I want to eat it all! But I also don't want to miss out by not getting more than one of their best taco. Decisions, decisions. I heard about the fish tacos here before, so I knew I had to get at least two of those.
After ordering, you need to get at least two fixings ready for your tacos - limes and radishes.
Food is ready and we're fucking starved.
I got two tacos de pescado (fish tacos) which came with it's partner, chile guero.
I also had a tacos de papa (potato taco) which was kinda like my appetizer.
Alonzo had 3 tacos de pescado. He asked for extra chile guero, as he just digs how they make them here. I thought the fish tacos were excellent. Fried but not too much batter. It's a well packed taco. Some of it will fall out for sure. I should've had 3 for myself too!
The chile guero is pretty mild, barely spicy at all, but these guys go good with tacos. According to Alonzo, El Taco Nazo likes to deep fry and then cover them in lemon pepper before serving:
What a meal. I gotta go visit Alonzo more often.
See you again, El Taco Nazo.


grant said...

I think Alonzo should change his name to Chile Guero!

CHVRCH said...

Those look good right now.

Kenji said...

Dude, you are making me so hungry... Dammit, there aren't any good Mexican spots out here.